Our Activities
Analysis of Cashew Quality
Principal Activities

Our principal expertise is in the domain of agro commodities.  Promotion and Popularisation of Cashewnuts is very high on our Agenda with our ultimate goal being the effective value addition being performed on crops prior to export. 

However to achieve this goal one must first fulfil the primary goal of producing sufficient for exports or growing beyond the internal needs.  Thus providing the know-how and locally improved seed material and thereby increasing production & improving yields and inherent quality consciousness is our current and most important priority.




Principal Crops  of Interest

  • Raw Cashewnuts     
  • Sesame        
  • Peanuts         
  • Hibiscus Flowers

(Hand Picked Selections for Confectionery/Bird Food)

In addition we are also looking into the following markets

  • Palm Kernels
  • Beeswax & Honey (Bee Keeping)
  • Mangoes (Fruit & Pulp)
  • Sorghum
  • Fruits and Vegetables





Renewable Energy - Solar Products
Zon Light and Zon Home - In a strategic tie-up with IIntelizon Energy Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, we have commenced marketing intelligent affordable Solar solutions for rural and urban Africa. Comencing with
distribution networks in The Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Bissau we are venturing into Mali, Guinea Conakry and to South Africa as well.

ComAfrique intend to set up several assembly units in Africa where Intelizon will provide the assembly technology to ComAfrique.






Farming Activities

We primarily are multiplying Locally Improved Varieties of Cashew Seed Nuts.  We also grow Vegetables for local supply. We intend to delve into the farming and  subsequent Export of Fruits/Vegetables.



Consultancy Services
We provide consultancy in the Agro Domain (especially on Cashewnuts – Planting & Post Harvest Information). We are the principal consultants to the USAID SAGIC Programme in Senegal on Cashewnuts and collaborate wth them on Sesame and ibiscus as well. We have provided assistance to the National Cashew Farmers Association (NCFA) as well as have lent assistance to the EC to assist in Cashew Popularisation.

Mr Ram Mohan is the Country represenative of the African Cashew Alliance.

We have also been the principal Trading Partner of the National Women
Farmers Association (NAWFA) since many years on their Sesame Project.







Import Activities

We Import SOLAR Products - Simple solutions for Solar Lighting.

We import Agricultural & Processing Equipment such as nut Shellers, Seed Graders, Farming Equipment, etc.

Other imports include Packaging material for agro exports, such as Jute Bags or olypropylene bags.

Comafrique is the Sole Distributor for CIPLA Vetenirary products in The Gambia, West Africa. This is an exclusive tie-up with Agrovet of
The Gambia.








Representational Services

We Represent several overseas companies for supplies to the Gambia on Tenders in various fields such as Water Resources (Pumps & Ancillaries), Pharmaceuticals and Equipment, Packaging, etc.

We Represent the following Companies:

–Meera & Cieko Pumps – India
Interbulk NV – Netherlands



ComAfrique & Education :-

ComAfrique along with the Department of State for Education and the Model Horticulture Project in Vellingara have assisted in the School Gardens Project to promote self sufficiency in Schools through Agriculture.





ComAfrique & Sports :-

ComAfrique are actively involved in encouraging sporting activity in the Country. 

We are very close to the Gambia Cricket Association and are currently assisting in providing cricket equipment to Schools. ComAfrique sponsor sporting events at the Fajara Club and have also sponsored Hole No.2 at the Golf Club.